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The Trustees of the Foundation have given consideration to both the funding policy and the funding strategy they consider most effective in supporting the beneficiaries.


The funding policy cover matters such as eligibility, the terms and conditions for grants and the whole process from application through to monitoring and evaluation of impact. Various documents are used to track this process.


The funding strategy deals with where the Trustees wish to make an impact. This strategy has evolved from a series of away day type events where the Trustees take time out of the day-to-day management of the Foundation to give thought to the focus of their work and how best to achieve that.


The broad strategic areas identified are currently:

 Capital projects with an eye on sustainability
• Care of those suffering from disease
• Caring in the community for disabled and people on the margin 

• End of life

• Education
• Interfaith projects with a focus engendering tolerance and breaking down prejudice
• Medical projects
• Small Grants

Grants are made to organisations primarily UK based  and when overseas only through UK based charities. 

The Foundation cannot support grants to individuals. 

The Foundation’s values of fairness, transparency and honesty underpin the way it works with everyone with whom it comes into contact.


NB. The trustees have absolute discretion in their choice of grant recipients.

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