Grant News

BMCF have been working hard this year seeking to implement our strategy and to make an impact. As with most of the world, our plans were thrown into disarray with the advent of COVID 19. This has led to an emergency. 

The effect of the Covid 19 pandemic on the world is currently a major influencing factor on our strategy and activities. After much soul searching we decided to respond in two ways.  Firstly, contacting our existing projects as, having made the initial investment it makes sense to ensure that wherever possible they could continue.

Having built strong relationship of trust with the key people involved with our multi-year awards, we have been able to step in and help to either release funds early or to give additional help where needed to try and mitigate the impact of the virus.  All of those charities are making monumental efforts to support their community, users and the wider community.  BMCF are privileged to be able to help them deliver their services. 

Looking at the charities below you’ll probably be able to pick out the ones we supported before and after the start of the Pandemic!

One of the areas of focus for us is the small charity sector and how to support those entities that have a great idea, but who are unsure of what to do next.  In February of 2020 we held a free workshop to explore ways to develop their ideas into a real project or charity, or to take their small charity up to the next level. 

Susannah Hardyman, CEO of Action Tutoring,  led one of the sessions and inspired the participants with her own story. We asked for feed-back on the event, which was mostly positive. Reflecting on the event as a whole however, the Trustees have decided that the small charity sector could be better directly supported by an expert organisation in this field and we reached out to the Small Charities Coalition.

We made small grants available to those attendees who qualified and examples of charities formed or developed through The Small Charities Workshop are:

Her Path to Purpose - empowering young women to lead purposeful lives.

Clothe Me - Thank You - Through their voucher system, donations provide clothing to people in need and also help to fund local partner charities , enabling those partners to carry on their work caring for vulnerable members of our community.

Brighter Together - intergenerational work to benefit care home residents and children

The Skateparks Project - advice to councils and communities seeking new skater facilities