The BMCF is in the 4th year of funding the creation of the Motor Neurone Disease (MND) Register for England, Wales and Northern Island. This is a vital tool which was previously unavailable as no funding was forthcoming and we were delighted to fund this much needed tool for the MOTOR NEURONE DISEASE ASSOCIATION. Led by Prof Ammar Al-Chalabi at King’s College London and Prof Kevin Talbot at the University of Oxford the main objects are:

To collect and store information about every person living with MND in England, Wales and Northern Ireland.

To capture information in defined areas to determine accurate epidemiological values e.g. incidence, prevalence, lifetime risk, age/sex distribution of MND, to guide the future development of multidisciplinary care planning and inform the design of clinical trials.

To improve patient access to research.

To act as a framework for national and pan-European collaborations on conducting research into the causes and characteristics of MND, as well as the impact of interventions and multidisciplinary teams

In collating the data so far, clear patterns are emerging which are helping to understand this devastating disease, which in turn will hopefully lead to effective treatment/cure of MND and better lead times in the support of people living with MND.

Part of our wish to work holistically and to make a difference to individuals BMCF has provided the seed funding to start an ‘out of hours’ emergency  home visiting service for NORTH LONDON HOSPICE.  Aimed  to help support terminally ill patients and their families in their wish to stay at home rather than be admitted to hospital. We are delighted that the CCG have since funded NLH to extend the service to cover days as well as nights enabling the Hospice to offer a 24 hour emergency home visiting service. 


Having helped adults under hospice care, we wished to support families and children and we were fortunate to have come into contact with NOAH’S ARK  CHILDREN’S HOSPICE. We are delighted to support this life changing charity and help towards ensuring that all children with life-limiting or life-threatening conditions receive the best possible care and support that we as a society can provide for them and their families.  They provide support in North and Central London and Hertsmere. Their community-based services is complemented by the services on offer at their inspiring hospice building The Ark which opened on 26th September 2019

The children they work with have a range of conditions and often have very complex needs. Their aim is to help the children, their siblings and parents make the most of the time they have together and continue to support the families after bereavement.



In Autumn 2018 the RSA embarked on a 12-month project - PIN BALL KIDS supported by the BMCF, investigating how children most at risk of being suspended or expelled from school can be better supported to thrive in education. 

BMCF trustees have had a lot of experience in schools, both teaching or governing, we were very pleased to give our backing to this project to make a difference to our children’s school experience and ensure that they thrive and fulfil their potential.

Pinball Kids will partner with exemplary mainstream and alternative provision schools, forward-thinking local authorities, representatives of health and social care, and other agencies that support vulnerable children. The RSA will provide recommendations to policymakers and practitioners to help ensure that all children thrive in education.


Wanting to actually support children directly, as well as sponsoring the above piece of research, the Trustees were lucky enough to meet with the inspirational teacher who started ACTION TUTORING they support young people facing socio-economic disadvantage to achieve a meaningful level of academic attainment, with a view to enabling them to progress in education, employment or training. They do this by partnering high-quality volunteer tutors with pupils to increase their subject knowledge, confidence and study skills.Our visions match for a world in which no child’s life chances are limited by their socio-economic background.


On the theme of children we sponsor HONEYPOT CHILDREN’S CHARITY. Since 1996 Honeypot has been working to enhance the lives of young carers and vulnerable children aged 5 – 12 years old. They are the only charity in the UK to provide respite breaks and on-going outreach support throughout a child’s formative years. Honeypot gives young carers a break from demanding and stressful responsibilities at home and provides a safe, nurturing environment where children at risk can develop their full potential. We are particularly pleased to help this dedicated team to allow these children to be children and forget their everyday stresses and responsibilities.  Honeypot do a wonderful job!


Giving disabled and disadvantaged people new skills and confidence through work experience and training and where possible help them to move into unsupported employment is WATFORD WORKSHOP. Over 50 people attend the Workshop with a range of disabilities, including learning difficulties, blind and deaf service users. There are also people with different languages and some able-bodied workers. A number of volunteers help in various capacities.  

Last year BMCF gave a grant towards giving the users of this inspiring Charity life skills needed to enrich and enable their lives.  This year, we have committed to a grant to help them to expand their workspace and increase their capacity and get support for Linda, their dynamic general manager and enlarge her dedicated team.



We at BMCF are delighted to encourage our young to question and breakdown barriers between all races and religions combating discrimination and promoting  knowledge to answer hate rhetoric whether it comes from and whatever it’s focus. STAND UP! is an educational programme established in 2016 to provide anti-discrimination education, with a focus on antisemitism and anti-Muslim hate, to young people in mainstream schools. Through interactive workshops and by drawing on the unique knowledge of many partners in the Hate Crime field, Stand Up! empowers young people to act against all forms of discrimination, racism, antisemitism and anti-Muslim hate, whilst developing their sense of social responsibility to their local communities and British society as a whole.  




The YELLOW CANDLE PROJECT in the UK is a practical and informal educational tool to remember those murdered during the Holocaust. The candles are lit on the eve of Holocaust Memorial Day.

The trustees of BMCF are also delighted to give one off donations to the small charity sector in recognition of the work they undertake.  Some of those recipients are listed below:




​Bright Future

The Bike Project

Barnet Refugee Service


Jewish Film Festival

South Bucks Riding

Refugee Support Network 

Veterans with Dogs

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