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Above the Clouds

Recently, in mid-November 2021 I attended the premier of 5 new 3 minute films which the Foundation funded through the UK Jewish Film. The award was for £1,000 per documentary.

Here they are for online viewing

You may wonder what the Foundation is doing in sponsoring this endeavour ?

Firstly, many young artists are struggling today to get their foot in the door of creating their first documentary. The documentary film makers do not have be Jewish by the way.

The Foundation promotes the arts as a way to breaking down barriers and highlighting human suffering and endeavour.

One of the shorts was Frum (Orthodox) dogs of Hendon and features the very funny touching relationship between religious people and dogs …..or pets ….and whether this is tolerated today.

Another one is about a blind and deaf Jewish man and his amazing ability to communicate and support for him by his nephew ..a talented artist and film maker ….seeing him communicate using hands and touch bought tears to my eyes ….

Thirdly, was about young female university students talking about the online effects of bite size anti-Jewish propaganda placed online and how upsetting and pernicious its effects are.

Fourthly, was the story of a wonderful Iranian artist who suffered having to move at young age leaving her world behind her …all expressed through her art.

Finally, a fascinating story of an allotments society here in the UK that is run by volunteers who marry growing vegetables with the Jewish rituals around food and community …that expands to include transgender and people who feel rejected by their communities.

I’m not going to mention names etc, because I’m inviting you to watch these documentaries and make any comment you care to on here about what moved you ….this is not a place for you to just be negative and judgemental …please walk on by to Rotten Tomatoes.

We hope these films talk of people on the margins of society and gives an insight into something other, to just perhaps widen your experience. The five film makers were incredible and mentored by a professional producer.

We’re hoping to sponsor this again next year so if you think you can create a 3 minute documentary please apply through the UK Jewish Film.


Thank you